Don't get ripped off

There are a few simple steps that you can take to avoid paying good money for a shoddy Fibreglass flat roof that could leak worse than your old one and cost even more to replace properly.

Fibreglass flat roofs and balconies will outlast other types of systems by many years if they are installed correctly and with the right materials but, if not, will fail in a short period of time.


Does the company have plenty of experience with Fibreglass (GRP)?

In our opinion, a one or two day course and a few roofs is NOT enough experience.


Can your roofer provide you with references of other work in your area? If so speak to them to check firstly that they are real, and secondly that they are happy with the job.


These can be a good way to see the range of work carried out by your roofer but DO NOT just go buy those on websites as these can be (and often are) copied very easily, so ask to see some original photos.

Trade Association

Is your roofer in a Trade Association specific to roofing that checks their work and materials such as the CORC? Check that they are members and that they are not just using the certification fraudulently.

Vans and Websites

Look at both of these to see if they are genuinely Fibreglass roofers not builders, chippies, plumbers, etc. just doing a few roofs on the side. Remember, experience is a big part of getting a roof that will last a lifetime.


Every tradesman should have public liability insurance but this costs money so, sadly, many don't bother. If however something goes wrong and YOUR property is damaged or a person on your property is injured, there will be no way of you claiming and the chances are that your roofer will disappear into the distance leaving you with yet more money to find.

DON'T just take their word for it - ask to see their insurance document.


There are many different types of polyester resin systems but very few are developed purely for the roofing industry. Roofing resins are very different from others because they MUST expand & contract over a large temperature range. If a cheaper resin is used, it will not do this and can split in a short period of time - causing leaks and even more expense.

Ask to see details of the resin systems that are being used.


As most people know nowadays, disposing of waste properly is very important but also very expensive. Unless your roofer has a skip on site to put waste straight into, they MUST have a waste carrier's license. This is the LAW and without this licence, who knows where your old roof will end up?


You should always ask if there is a written Guarantee. Remember an invoice or quote is not a proper Guarantee and if you get a leak you probably won't get it fixed without paying even more.

Fibreglass flat roofs will last a lifetime, but only if they are installed by properly trained tradesman with the correct materials in the correct conditions.

Let's all work together to STOP People getting RIPPED OFF.

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